The Marbles Temple (Wat Ben), Bangkok

If you are done with the normal program tour visiting Bangkok like it was prepared to you by travel agency, there’s another beautiful and interesting place I would recommend to you.

Wat Benchamabophit, the local name “Wat Ben” as known as the marble temple. This temple is one of the favorite places for visiting by its wonderful sculpture and importance; they convince people even local Thai or tourist to stop by and enjoy visiting.

This temples was began the construction by the order of King Chulalongkorn in 1899 and was built by the marvelous marble imported from Italy.

After enter to the area of the temple, you need to pay 20 Thai Baht per person for entrance fee.

Wat Ben.JPG

(Here is the spectacular frontal view of the temple as well as favorite view of photographer.)

              Inside the Ubosot, the golden Buddha is the thing distracting you by its beauty. The golden statue named Phra Buddhajinaraja is the reproduce version of the original one at Phitsanulok. Better for you to sit at the red carpet for a while to rest and look around the wonderful wall painting there, you will be lucky to see Buddhist come to pray and maybe do meditation.

Wat Ben 3.JPG

(Enjoy observing any windows as it decorated by the craving of character in Thai literatures as warrior, giant or monkey)

              Get off the ubosot and turn right to the square behind the ubosot, the various Buddha statues are placed around the wall, each gesture of Buddha are named diffirently as “Pang Manvichai” is the sitting Buddha with one leg above the other in the attitude of subduing mara in the style of the U-Thong period (as in the picture).


It’s not difficult to travel here by yourself. If you plan to go here by BTS, you better stop at Phaya Thai station and off to exit no.3 and then you can take taxi / motorbike or public bus to this temple easily.

By local bus: no. 72 and 503

By Taxi/Tuk Tuk/Motorbike: tell them “Pai Wat Ben” means you want to go to Wat Ben.

Other pics :



I hope you all enjoy visiting this temple and take your time exploring the culture. !


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